Automation and data: The answer to driving efficiencies in the manufacturing sector?

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Clarion recently held its annual automation and robotics seminar, an event we’ve been hosting for the past five years.

Over that time period, it’s been interesting to see just how rapidly this particular agenda appears to be evolving and especially in relation to manufacturing data. From 2015, when we announced that ‘The robots are coming’ to 2018 when we asked if they were ‘Friend or foe’, up to this year when it would appear that we’re not only increasingly comfortable around robots – especially as we hosted three of them in our reception throughout the seminar - but we’re also increasingly comfortable investing in robotics and automation.

Given this, many businesses are looking to see how they can capitalise on all the manufacturing data that automated or robotic processes are creating. Increasingly, the data allows businesses to gain insight across business processes. It can potentially help you see areas for innovation or better ways to collaborate with customers or suppliers. What can we learn from this data and how do we go about it?

To explore this topic in more detail, we invited a number of leaders in this field to explain how businesses get the most out of their manufacturing data to an audience of more than 60 representatives, from a broad cross-section of the manufacturing sector. To find out what we learnt, click here to view our blog post.


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