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Data. It’s ‘Big’. It’s everywhere. Manufacturers now have the ability to generate more data than ever before and this has the potential for almost endless opportunities in terms of improving connectivity with your customers, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness. However, bridging the gap between this hype and knowing where to start can be extremely difficult.

In this seminar we will explore the factors to consider when investing in practical ‘smart(er)’ factory systems, the key ingredients required to unlock the full potential from your data and how to take the first few steps in data analytics in order to drive new business insights that were previously not possible. To explore this topic we have a number of leaders in the field:

  • Jonathan Matthews, Rolls Royce Plc, Head of Delivery, Ecosystem R² Data Labs - Jonathan is responsible for delivering the operational performance of the digital ecosystem, working in collaboration with Rolls-Royce Business Units and its Innovation Hub to identify and engage with best-in-class external partners to accelerate Rolls-Royce’s future data innovation technology capabilities, to disrupt, to co-create value; to enable and rapidly execute the delivery of the RR Group & R2DL strategy.
  • Richard Corderoy, Managing Director, Oakland Group - Oakland Group is a Leeds based organisation specialising in project-based analytics, process and quality improvement and data management and governance. Richard will discuss practical tips for getting started with advanced analytics.
  • David Cunningham, Partner - Commercial and IT, Clarion - will discuss the legal issues to consider when using and storing data.
  • Lisa Lister, Progress Marketing and Mark Godfrey, MD, Saftronics Ltd - will discuss the funds available to SMEs and how Saftronics accessed two of these funds (LEPs Strategic Business Growth Programme and the Manufacturing Growth Programme) and the benefits from this support.

When?       Thursday 20 June 2019

Where?       Elizabeth House, 13-19 Queen Street, Leeds LS1 2TW 


8.30am            Registration and breakfast 
9.00am            Seminar commences 
10.45am         Seminar to close followed by networking

To reserve your place or if you have any questions regarding the event please contact Lauren Perry on 0113 336 3352 or via email at [email protected].

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